Manic Miner

manic_minerManic Miner wasn’t the first game I played on the Spectrum that dad bought home one day. That accolade goes to either Psion’s Space Raiders, a Space Invaders clone, or Thro’ the Wall, a really really basic Breakout game. To be honest, I don’t remember which it was, but it wasn’t too long before Manic Miner came along. On a Boots C15 cassette too, naughty dad eh? Continue reading

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Failing at Galaxy Invaders 1000


Love you Mini Munchman!

My earliest gaming memories didn’t involve computers or home consoles but rather the slew of LED and LCD games that preceded them. My brother had a genuine Game & Watch, the Fire one, but I had to make do with Mini-Munchman, a PacMan clone. It was the first of many Grandstand games we owned- Firefox F7 and Scramble being the two best- and to be fair I did completely love it, even if things got a little bit tricky after the left button didn’t work so well after my brother spilt Ribena over it. Imagine playing Pac Man on a tiny handheld, with an iffy refresh rate, and having issues turning in one of the only four directions you can. Continue reading

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