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Renegade on ZX Spectrum

We’re finishing our sojourn into the Spectrum era with one of the most influential games of the late 80’s. You might not be familiar with the name Renegade but it was pretty much the director forbearer of scrolling beat ’em … Continue reading

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Penetrator ZX Spectrum

We’ve jumped back in time 3¬†years this week, from Batman’s 1986 to a very early Spectrum game called Penetrator that came out in early 1983. The amusing name was entirely lost on the 7 year old me as I was … Continue reading

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Batman on the ZX Spectrum

The loading screen for Ocean’s 1986 Batman game is rather misleading if you ask me. It shows, in the Speccy’s awesomely limited colour palette, a large muscular Batman holding up a manhole cover before jumping down in to the sewers … Continue reading

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Way of the Exploding Fist- ZX Spectrum

I’d turned ten in early 1985 when my Dad bought home Way of the Exploding Fist by Melbourne House. It was without a doubt the first beat ’em up I’d played, the first of many in fact as it’s still … Continue reading

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Manic Miner

Manic Miner wasn’t the first game I played on the Spectrum that dad bought home one day. That accolade goes to either Psion’s Space Raiders, a Space Invaders clone, or Thro’ the Wall, a really really basic Breakout game. To … Continue reading

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Failing at Galaxy Invaders 1000

My earliest gaming memories didn’t involve computers or home consoles but rather the slew of LED and LCD games that preceded them. My brother had a genuine Game & Watch, the Fire one, but I had to make do with … Continue reading

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