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Bubble Bobble on Commodore 64

Bubble Bobble has to be one of my favourite games of all time. I first played a demo of it on a cover tape for the Spectrum (on ACE magazine, there was a scandal you know, initially they accidentally put … Continue reading

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Stuck in the past

We’ve had a sick lad this week, so normal service will resume next week but in the interim, here’s a post I have for such occasions on how I utterly fail to move with the times! Like many grown up … Continue reading

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Arkanoid on Commodore 64

In 1976 a game called Breakout was released in the arcades by Atari that was oft copied over the next ten or fifteen years. I never played Breakout, I wasn’t out of nappies when it was released and I certainly … Continue reading

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Wizball on Commodore 64

Coming to the C64 rather late in it’s life meant that programmers had really got the hang of Commodore’s brown beast. Not only were the games technically proficient, in terms of graphics, scrolling, and music, but they were getting genuinely … Continue reading

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The move from a Spectrum to a Commodore 64…

The format wars were already well under way in the 8-bit days, we just didn’t have the world wide web to sneer at other peoples choices of machines. I knew a few Speccy owners but I knew more C64 owners … Continue reading

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Renegade on ZX Spectrum

We’re finishing our sojourn into the Spectrum era with one of the most influential games of the late 80’s. You might not be familiar with the name Renegade but it was pretty much the director forbearer of scrolling beat ’em … Continue reading

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Share your retro gaming memories and feature on Kids do Retro

I’m looking to add a couple of additional posts a week to Kids do Retro. Rather than rushing Sam through games quicker, I’m hoping to share other peoples memories of the games they played in one post a week, you’ll … Continue reading

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Penetrator ZX Spectrum

We’ve jumped back in time 3¬†years this week, from Batman’s 1986 to a very early Spectrum game called Penetrator that came out in early 1983. The amusing name was entirely lost on the 7 year old me as I was … Continue reading

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Batman on the ZX Spectrum

The loading screen for Ocean’s 1986 Batman game is rather misleading if you ask me. It shows, in the Speccy’s awesomely limited colour palette, a large muscular Batman holding up a manhole cover before jumping down in to the sewers … Continue reading

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Way of the Exploding Fist- ZX Spectrum

I’d turned ten in early 1985 when my Dad bought home Way of the Exploding Fist by Melbourne House. It was without a doubt the first beat ’em up I’d played, the first of many in fact as it’s still … Continue reading

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