About Us


I’m Alex. Somehow I’m 40. I’m not entirely sure how that happened, or indeed who is to blame but it has and there’s precious little I can do about it now. I love playing video games, although with three children and a wife to keep me busy, as well as my parenting blog daddacool, I don’t have anywhere near enough time to play properly. I’m still working my way through the tutorial on Medieval Total War 2.

Sam is my eldest son. He’s 8 and shares my addiction to gaming. You won’t find him playing 18 certificate games but you will find him indulging his two gaming passions: Minecraft and LEGO videogames. Sam was once described as having the most vivid vocabulary seen in an 8 year old by his teacher at school. That’s probably a good thing and she didn’t mention swearing at any point.

If you’re enjoying our adventures, you can join us on Twitter or drop me an email at alex@daddacool.co.uk